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Torremelinos, a vivid site on the Costa Del Sol, is a relatively high-rise and entertainment-oriented settlement with spectacular beaches and good scenery. It has an unobtrusive old-world charm, and formerly frequented by various celebrities, it sadly no longer represents a refreshingly laid-back vacation spot. A regular retreat for American and European travellers, it's Spain's largest resort, and has all the pros and cons of the modern tourist industry. Its streets are sometimes filled with miscellaneous products for sale, including fragrant fruit, sardines, spices and the local specialty, flavoured olives in various shapes. On the other hand, the landscape is generally overwhelmed by concrete structures and large hotel buildings. Torremelinos is also noted for its sweet wines, produced from the distinct Muscatel Grapes. The Torremelinos El Centro, the core of the town, offers ample shopping, with a particular emphasis on porcelain manufacture. It might require days to wander through all of the cosy shopping lanes and take a peek into each shop.

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