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Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is a delightful island lined with a breathtaking 500 km of scenic coastline, which has made it the most popular destination among the Spanish islands of the Mediterranean. While the interior of the island is rich in vegetation and encourages some surprisingly secluded strolls, the coastline is overloaded with construction projects. New structures have risen up all over the resort, and one might feel they need to flee either to the mountains of the north or to the beautiful orchards and almond groves of its flatland areas. Mallorca, however, offers all its best at the well-known beaches of Ca'n Pastilla and El Arenal. Despite the hustle and bustle of the holiday makers and the numerous tourist facilities, they're still the best places to lounge on the island. If you're seeking more privacy, you might want to head to the Cala de San Vincente, the Cala Pi or the Cala Murta in the north.

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