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Malaga is a largely commercialised vacation city which has experienced a significant population boom over the past few decades. Known as the largest settlement on the coast of Andalusia and the hometown of artist Pablo Picasso, nowadays it remains a bustling, congested city with excessive traffic and very few secluded areas. However, the city prides itself in being a cultural hub for the entire coast, abounding in museums and historical landmarks. The Old Town, the Central Paseo del Parque and the square of Plaza de la Marina are among the sites where city life takes place. However, what remains most popular about the town are its beaches, stretching for miles and lined with the coast's famous bars. This is, indeed, what makes Malaga remain on the cutting edge. From traditional taverns celebrating the sweet Malaga wine to the more posh establishments, the city has its entire nightlife concentrated in this long line of entertainment dens. The best places include La Malagueta Beach, as well as Banos de Carmen and El Pado to the east.

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