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This is probably the biggest hit among the Spanish Mediterranean islands, particularly among German tourists, who mostly either bask in the scorching sun or hit the myriad clubs and beach bars in the area. The site enjoys a central location, thus making a convenient day trip from Barcelona or Valencia. However, very few visitors leave the island, and venture to explore further than the beach. With a suberb coastline of some 500km, this site allows for ample sunbathing. Among the iconic spots here are Ca'n Pastilla, El Arenal, Cala Mayor and the beaches of Sant Agusti, the most important being the lengthy Playa Magaluf, as well as Cala de San Vicente, Cala Pi and Cala Murta. The area has experienced a significant boom over the past couple decades, with construction going on almost incessantly. And while the inland areas might offer some seclusion (including great hiking options and walks amongst scenic horticultural gardens), the coastal area is a bustling spectacle of real estate, bathers and tourist attractions.

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