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Gran Canaria

This is the third-largest of the Canary Islands. Washed by the warm Atlantic Ocean and located extremely close to the northern coast of Africa, this island has more of a tropical climate. Thanks to its volcanic origins, this stretch of land has extremely diverse flora, and its shoreline is invariably dotted with sandy beaches. Historically, Gran Canaria was claimed by the Spanish in the 15th Century, and it was here that, in 1492, explorer Christopher Columbus anchored at the Las Palmas port, having concluded his trip to the Americas. The largest populated piece of land here remains the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and its adjoining areas. Otherwise, the shoreline, rather than the inland area, is overbuilt with numerous structures in order to accommodate tourists. With less than a million native inhabitants to its population, one-third of which is based in the capital, this place becomes extremely lively during the summer months, with the flocks of visitors significantly outnumbering the locals.

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