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Costa del Sol

This area spans from Algeciras east to Almeria. Costa del Sol is not a typical sandy beach area, as it's characterised by a rugged coastline with a rather modest collection of decent sunbathing spots. An area of predominantly horticultural produce, it's also filled with olive trees, making for some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the country. Old villages with whitewashed traditional houses dominate the region, but newer structures have also emerged. Some of the more popular resorts include Marbella, Los Monteros, Torremolinos and Malaga, with most of them having yielded to an invasion of street vendours and sidewalk food stalls. Here, as a reminder of the area's heyday, the most practiced sports include yachting and golfing. During the high season, the numerous hotels here barely manage to accommodate the hordes of visitors the area receives.

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