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Costa Brava

This area represents a lengthy stretch of sandy beaches, encompassing a total of almost 200 km alongside the warm Mediterranean. Starting at Barcelona and continuing up to the French border, Costa Brava is a laid-back site even during its highest season. The area abounds in some truly unspoilt villages, where fishermen make a living the way their ancestors did centuries ago. However, urban growth has claimed large portions of 'The Wild Coast', with resort towns becoming more and more overpopulated during the summer months. Tossa de Mar, Lloret de Mar and Girona are among the most-visited sites of the area. The competition for rooms, coupled with noisy night clubs and overwhelming street vendours can be a nuisance, and yet these resort towns have a particular old world charm, never overthrown by the tourist boom. The smaller villages make for excellent side trips, with some of them even possible as a day trip out of Barcelona.

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