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Costa Blanca

This Spanish region, literally translating as 'The White Coast', begins at the city of Valencia, the country's third largest. Costa Blanca has seen a real-estate boom in recent years, with new buildings having mushroomed all over the place. And though the Costa Blanca skyline has remained relatively low-rise, the site seems to have lost its traditional appeal. Historically, it has a rather tumultuous past, with several Baroque structures in the larger cities serving as evidence. The area encompasses Alicante, the region's capital, where the industrialised landscapes give way to scenic ports and some glimpses of traditional village life. Benidorm, another town of importance, is a bustling resort packed with tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels and lengthy stretches of sandy beach areas. A further place you might want to visit is Murcia. Set in the inland area of Costa Blanca, it's a regular stopover on the way to the beaches of Costa del Sol.

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