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The Spanish seaside allows for endless feasting under an invariably warm sun. Marked by azure blues and whitewashed houses, the Mediterranean coast of Spain remains an emblematic tourist spot. With flawless skies and almost 300 days of sunshine a year, the coastal area and its adjoining islands are a regular destination for European and international crowds. Its resorts have acquired a peculiarly eclectic look, blending sophistication with various shops, trendy cafés and the famous Spanish beach bars. Directed at younger crowds, these entertainment spots have already established the country as a place for the kind of vacation that requires an adventurous spirit and creativity.

The main coastal areas in Spain are comprised of Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Costa del Sol and Gran Canaria, plus the islands of Mallorca, Ibiza and Tenerife. Mallorca, along with the islands of Ibiza and Menorca, is washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Being the largest of the Balearic Islands, it's a frequent beach spot owing to its laid-back lifestyle and authentic ambience. Tenerife, a volcanic formation which is part of the Canarian Archipelago, offers some exclusive beaches and also contains formidable Mount Teide, the world's third-largest volcano. Its specific location and geological features make it a site for mountaineers and hikers, while its adventurous activities include paragliding, surfing and windsurfing. Here, one can take strolls through a wasteland of frozen lava flows, desert areas and lush laurel forests.

Ibiza, another constituent of the Balearic Islands, is Tenerife's very opposite. A site for party crowds, it prides itself on the longest beach parties in Europe, with stylish bars, numerous cafés and coffee shops, as well as a multitude of open-air night activities. On a side note, the island has excellent beaches drowned in sunshine, whitewashed historical homes and scenic cobbled lanes. Gran Canaria, the third-largest of the Canarian Islands, is closer to Africa than to Spain, and thus it bears an unbeatable flair for the exotic. The island has surprisingly diverse landscapes (tropical forests rubbing shoulders with desert areas and even snowy peaks) and interesting geological features. Its beaches are confined to the eastern part of the island, while the west is predominantly mountainous.

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