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Setubal's history goes back to Biblical times. According to legend, the town was founded by the grandson of Noah, and eventually thrived into an influential marine transport hub. Set on the bank of the Sado River, it's widely referred to as the contemporary centre of the country's largest sardine and wine producers. The curved seashore is dominated by a formidable 16th-Century fort, while the countryside abounds in fragrant orchards and vineyards. Setubal's sandy beaches have been a major relaxation spot over the course of several decades, with the entire setting being complemented by shimmering salt mounds contrasting with the crystal blue waters, giving the landscape its lunar look. The excessive light and vivid coloration of the sea have made Setubal a frequent retreat for Portuguese artists. The country's principal Romantic poet, Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage, also lived here.

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