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Sanremo is situated in a wide inlet between Capo Nero and Capo Verde on the Italian Riviera. The town has a unique location between the calm, blue waters of the Ligurian Sea and the majestic southernmost part of the Maritime Alps, rising behind the town. The climate is ideal for seaside recreation from May to October, but the spot is pleasant in all seasons.

The small Italian town became famous all over the world for its music festival, which is held annually in February or March. Sanremo is also called The Town of Flowers, thanks to the large, spectacular flower gardens scattered all around it. Another must-see is the casino, a true architectural masterpiece. The fame of the Ariston Theatre as a cultural centre goes far beyond the borders of Italy.

Apart from being the centre of culture and art on the Italian Riviera, Sanremo is also a first-class seaside resort. It has preserved its aristocratic air, and today is visited by many celebrities. Beautiful sandy beaches, prestigious shops and boutiques, lively nightclubs and modern sports facilities guarantee an unforgettable holiday for everyone, regardless of their tastes.

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