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Rimini is the premier Italian resort on the Adriatic Coast. The city is located in the northeast of Italy in the Emilia-Romagna region. Summers here are cooler and shorter than the rest of the coastline, and spring and autumn can be quite chilly. Rimini is a settlement with more than 2,000 years of history, and has been drawing visitors since 1843 with its long beaches and rich cultural heritage.

The city stretches along the coast, its 15-kilometre-long beach, called La Marina, being one of the largest in Italy. It's covered with white sand and is divided into private plots that offer all kinds of facilities. The striking number of bars and nightclubs make Rimini the party capital of the Italian seaside. The resort is therefore a magnet for young Europeans, who come for the nightlife. It's also a favourite destination for Italian families in the high season.

Rimini isn't only an attractive place for fun and relaxation in the summer, but a place of great cultural importance, as well. The city boasts a preserved Medieval old town and Roman remains. Tempio Malatestiano, which dates back to the 14th Century, and the Tiberius Bridge are also worth seeing. If you have an opportunity, don't miss a visit to the Republic of San Marino, the oldest and one of the smallest republics in the world. You'll be enchanted by its unique castles and museums.

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