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The island of Capri is celebrated for its beautiful environs, and is one of the best holiday destinations in Italy. It lies in the Bay of Naples, five kilometres from the mainland. Capri has a distinctive, mountainous landscape with rugged cliffs and high hills covered with forests. The climate here is typically Mediterranean, providing excellent opportunities for seaside holidays from late spring until early autumn.

Capri has been a famous resort since Roman times. It has been preferred by many poets and celebrities through the years. The beaches of Capri are small and pebbly, perfect for romance-seekers. The largest beach is Marina Piccola on the south coast, followed by Bagni di Tiberio on the north coast. They're both private, so an entry fee is required. Generally, the island is visited by the rich and famous and is a place to see and be seen. Luxurious boutiques and trendy bars line the streets in the city of Capri and its main port, Marina Grande.

The Blue Grotto is perhaps the leading tourist attraction on Capri. It can be visited by guided boat trips or even by swimming, if you're experienced enough. Day excursions by boat are organized to the cities of Naples and Sorrento on the mainland. When you've had enough of sunbathing and nightlife, it's a good idea to see Villa Jovis, the residence of Emperor Tiberius, or the Church of Santa Maria del Soccorso.

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