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Setting and Climate
Greece is among the most desired seaside holiday destinations in the world. The country is situated in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, occupying the southernmost part of the Balkan Peninsula and thousands of islands in the Aegean and Ionian Sea. The largest islands are Crete, Euboea, Rhodes, Lesbos and Chios. The Greek coast has a total length of more than 16,000 kilometres, half of which belongs to the islands. The specific location of Greece determines its typical Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by hot dry summers and mild winters with substantial rainfalls. The main tourist season is from May to October, and on some southern islands it stretches even longer.

Islands and Resorts
The exceptional seaside, romantic islands and rich cultural heritage draw crowds of tourists and holidaymakers to Greece every year. Undoubtedly, the country is most closely associated with the sea. It boasts more than 400 beaches awarded with the Blue Flag, a token of quality and cleanliness, which ranks Greece first in Europe. The most famous summer holiday destinations in the continental part are the Halkidiki Peninsula and the surroundings of Thessaloniki. Vast golden beaches, picturesque gulfs and mysterious cliffs line the coast of the peninsula.

The main town is Poligiros, with its traditional Macedonian architecture. Oranoupolis is the best resort, and suitable for both youthful companies and families with children. The major attraction is Mount Athos, with its twenty Byzantine Christian Orthodox monasteries. Crete is the biggest Greek island and a first-class holiday destination. The centre of the Minoan civilisation is an unrivalled mix of sun, beaches, rough mountains, culture and hospitality. Its administrative centre is Heraklion, a bustling city with extraordinary archaeological sites.

Chania, Agios Nikolaos and Rethymno are the other famous resorts, all of them located in quiet gulfs on the northern coast. Rhodes is situated only 18 kilometres off the Turkish shores. It's primarily known for the Colossus, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Aegean island offers everything needed for an unforgettable holiday - beautiful sandy beaches, hills covered with subtropical vegetation, numerous cultural monuments and modern facilities.

The city of Rhodes, the capital of the island, attracts tourists with its Medieval look. The eastern side of the island is a continuous sandy beach around Lindos, the pearl of Rhodes. The west coast is mainly rocky, with crowded trendy resorts. The south is a haven for adventure-seekers, nudists and people looking for a calm atmosphere.

The island of Corfu is in the Ionian Sea, near the shores of Albania. The town of Corfu and the old fishing villages of Benitses and Roda are the main resorts, ideal family spots with plenty of tranquility. Boat trips to Saranda in Albania and around the Ionian Islands are also recommended.

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